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Hello, greetings, nice to meet you, my name is Alex Connelly. For many years I looked for reasons to choose between photography, illustration, or painting... this website is the culmination of a long process of realizing the best art comes from the freedom to create. I can’t promise what I’ll be working on next, but I can open my doors.

Here you'll be able to see my artwork, the services I offer as a photographer, and a peek into my studio process.

My journey as an artist has been filled with the joys of being able to share and connect with friends and other artists from around the world. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA where I spend my days examining the deliciousness of honey, always expecting and failing to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and watching to see if I can actually see that moment a plant grows. 

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Fashion, Product, interior, ARchitecture, creative

Documenting your projects is essential. Whether it's a handwoven pillow or your brand new line of clothing, you deserve care, precision, and quality.

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Painting and Illustration

I offer a wide range of original art and prints that brighten any home and workspace. Commissioned work also available.

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