Alex Connelly is a multi-disciplinary artist from Seattle, WA. He completed his BFA at The University of Vermont with a focus in photography, painting and illustration. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout the US. Connelly’s work is defined by a strong sense of harmony within abstract forms. The colors he uses are vibrant and nourishing with imagery that is a meditation on composition. His whimsical illustrations speak to the broad range of his artistic exploration. Throughout all his disciplines there is a common search for the creative truth.

Instagram: @alexconnellyart


2017 Qualia, Magnuson Park Gallery, WA (Solo exhibition)

2016 Spoonfuls of Those Golden Raisins, Drunk Lunch Gallery, WI (Solo exhibition)

2016 Temporary States of Continuance, The Commonwealth Gallery, WI (Solo exhibition)

2016 KW2, WI (Solo exhibition)

2015 UW Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic, WI (Group exhibition)

2015 DABL, US Bank, WI (Group exhibition)

2015 Depiction, Gallery Marzen, WI (Group exhibition)

2014 Festivus Bazaarus, Gallery Marzen, WI (Group exhibition)

2014 Natural Affinity, The Commonwealth Gallery, WI (Two person exhibition)

2014 Noema, The Commonwealth Gallery, WI (Solo exhibition)

2014 Willful Reflections of a Nurtured Soul, Madison Central Library, WI (Two person exhibition)

2013 TEDx Madison, WI (Solo exhibition)